Who are our trading partners:

  • Alape

    Every human being has an unmistakable character, which is expressed in the way he designs the places he lives in. To do justice to people’s unmistakability, it is important to concentrate on the fundamental concept: the uniqueness of personality and style.

    Aesthetic solutions from Alape offer individual answers to these demands. As an expression of our personality, they enable a union of the human being and design, character and living environment.

    The clear shapes and puristic design are just as characteristic as the high quality and the precise processing of all the materials.

  • Allia

    Allia has a strong French heritage with its history dating back to 1892 when production started. Since then the brand has designed and offered bathroom ceramic products mainly for the French market. Allia stands for both functional and aesthetic design that reflects a changing market. The individual pieces of the product ranges are designed and developed to create a harmonious and complete concept.

    Allia is the bathroom expert committed to the quality of its products. From their conception, we consider customer requirements and technical specifications according to NF and EN standards. Throughout the manufacturing process, our products are subjected to a battery of quality tests before undergoing a final control check to verify the product meets the needs of customers and provides complete satisfaction. Ceramics is a noble and durable material, made from natural raw materials with no danger to the environment

  • Alno

    Since 1927, ALNO kitchens have represented the highest quality, sensible innovations and award-winning design made in Germany. Thanks to our long tradition and the expertise acquired over 85 years, we have become one of the world’s leading kitchen manufacturers, and know well how to combine the latest technologies and contemporary trends in unique ways. ALNO represents the highest quality standards that serve as signposts to consumers in the complex kitchen market.

  • Bette

    Through decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enamelled steel products.

    By using the raw materials glass, water and steel, we create products in a large range of shapes, dimensions and colours, and we finish them with an exceptionally brilliant surface, the BETTEGLAZE®.

    Our baths, shower trays and washbasins are at home in the bathroom and allow the water area to unfold its natural effect. Through decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of enamelled steel products.

  • Bosch

    In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart. This was the birth of today's globally active Robert Bosch GmbH. From the very beginning, the company's history has been characterized by innovative drive and social commitment.
    BSH Home Appliances Ltd (a 50/50 joint venture between Bosch and Siemens) is one of the world’s leading producers of domestic appliances offering a new generation of high-performance products.

    From energy-efficient refrigeration, dishwasher, home laundry and cooking products to small appliances such as food mixers, hot drinks machines and vacuum cleaners, Bosch home appliances are built to ease the burden of daily household chores. Constantly developing new ways to reduce energy and water usage while maintaining product performance and efficiency helps to conserve the planet as well as save customers money in lower running costs.

  • Cerdomus

    Technological innovation, dynamism, product research, a passion for design and working in partnership with builders and designers: for over forty years Cerdomus has projected made in Italy style and quality on the international markets. Cerdomus is a leading producer of vitrified stoneware tiles whose manufacturing expertise and consolidated technological know-how make it a company capable of setting trends in contemporary interior design, building partnerships and working with designers, offering products which are at the vanguard of technology, and winning the preferences of clients all over the world.

  • Dornbracht

    Dornbracht represents the very highest quality of manufacture, progressive production and innovative design. The premium fittings of this family company have won numerous international awards, acting as a driving force for the developments and trends of an entire industry. Worldwide. This success story is based on a principle that has held good for more than 60 years, namely that change should never be regarded as constraint, but as opportunity.

  • Electrolux

    Electrolux is a leading global, appliance manufacturer, commanding strong positions in all regions, and is the only player that offers complete solutions for both consumers and professional users. The Group’s vision is to be the best appliance company in the world as measured by our customers, employees and shareholders.

  • emco Bad GmbH & Co. KG

    emcobath - The perfect finishing touch for any bathroom.
    Turn your bathroom into a treasure trove where you will enjoy pampering yourself day after day with our high-quality, well-made and multi-functional accessories.
    They have been developing and producing bathroom accessories at our Lingen site for more than 50 years, accessories that allow people all over the world to design and decorate their bathrooms to suit their personal tastes and individual preferences.
    As a company with a long family tradition, they believe in fostering close relationships with the people with and for whom we work. The sense of responsibility we feel towards our business partners is demonstrated by our reliable service and our commitment to the 3-stage distribution chain.

  • Grando GmbH

    In 1963, Robert Granderath developed the first fully automatic rigid-slatted pool cover. With this innovation, the foundations were laid for an expanding and successful company. Today, grando provides swimming pool owners in more than 54 countries around the world with unlimited swimming pool enjoyment – made in Germany.

    Despite its international activities, grando has remained a transparent, clearly structured enterprise. Flexible enough to respond quickly to new demands, and personal enough to offer our customers what they expect of us: new ideas, reliable service and individual advice.

  • Helo

    Helo Ltd is the world's largest sauna and steam bath companies. We develop, manufacture and market sauna and steam products worldwide. Helo Ltd has sauna room, sauna heater and steam generator manufacturing plants (in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the United States) and an extensive research and development program for sauna and steam related products. Helo's range includes wood-burning and electric heaters and their controllers, steam generators, sauna and steam rooms, steam suites, infrared cabins and various types of sauna and steam bathing accessories.

  • Hoesch

    The name Hoesch is inextricably linked with leading-edge design. Hoesch subscibes to a brand philosophy that dictates that a truly first-rate products depends not only on perfect functionality but also on its visual impact- Good design is hugely important to Hoesch, as demonstrated clearly by the fact that the company works in partnership with international designers, including Dieter Sieger, Philippe Stark, Andrée Putman, Norman Foster, Michael Graves, Massimo Losa Ghini and Daniel Libeskind. It has won many international wards and the Good design award.
    These awards reflect the bransd's design expertise.

  • HotSpring

    Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, located in Vista, California, is a manufacturer of portable hot tubs. The company was originally founded in 1977 by Jeff and Jon Watkins. In 1986, Watkins Manufacturing Corporation became a subsidiary of the Masco Corporation, whose company portfolio includes Delta faucets, Merillat cabinets, and Behr paints.

    The company’s Hot Spring Spas and Caldera Spas brands are sold in over 60 countries. Hot Spring is the number one selling brand of portable spas and the first to meet appropriate sanitation and performance requirements and to become certified by the NSF. [1]

  • Hüppe

    People need people.
    To talk with.
    To laugh with.
    To live with.

    But people also need somewhere private.
    To rejuvenate themselves.
    To refresh themselves.
    To recharge their batteries.

    A place exactly how they want it, somewhere to nourish body and soul. Away from the daily life. The perfect spot. A place to rediscover oneself. A place for the soul.

    We believe that Huppe showers offers these special attributes. Somewhere to which people can retreat, take a step back from the everyday and recharge their batteries. We see it as our business to support you in the design of your dream shower. That perfect private place for you and your soul.

  • Impuls

    With 18 different kitchen ranges and 52 colour options, Impuls Küchen GmbH in Brilon in Sauerland, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALNO AG, offers maximum variety, providing customers with the design freedom to express their individuality at a price they can afford. The IMPULS range is sold mainly in the discount price segment, but also in the mid-range price segment.